Meet Mateo


This is my chunky monkey. So far, the total opposite of his brother. He is far more serious and not as social. To get him to smile you have to work at it and he usually reserves smiles and laughter for family. He has a healthy appetite, loves all things food and I have to keep reminding him that he has no teeth. I am pretty sure he would eat a steak if I gave it to him. We cannot eat around him because he will try to take it from you or complains loudly if we don’t share. He reminds me of a baby bear cub. he crawls around grunting and groaning. He was born with a club foot but has not let that slow him down. He is learning to be very mobile and he knows no bounds. I am hoping he is a bit more calm than Diego, I am not sure if I can keep up with two hyper active boys, may need to get my roller skates on.