My Six Favorite Workouts That Gets Results

1.       Zumba Core on Xbox – The disc has a variety of workouts so you won’t get bored. You can choose from a 20 minute class for those short on time, a 45 minute class for those that have a little more time and a sixty minute class for all you overachievers out there. Each workout times has 10-15 classes to choose from. You will get fun music, cool moves, and great for cardio and your waistline.

2.       21 Day Fix  – Very intense workouts but this targets every area of your body. There are nine total workouts between two DVD discs. A workout for legs, arms, three cardio workouts, yoga, pilates, and two 10 minute ab workouts. The first time my husband and I did the pilates, was torture and we had to just lay there on the floor until our muscles stopped screaming at us. Now it is one of my favorite workouts.

3.       Hiking – Ideally you live near mountains or a great scenic trail but we don’t, so we usually get our hiking through traveling. We hiked Mount Harney in South Dakota, that trail was six miles round trip. I definitely felt that the next day but the view at the top was worth the hike. We hiked in Smokey Mountain State Park in Tennessee and some great trails in Hot Springs Arkansas. Good cardio and lower body workout. Just google local hiking trails for your area. If nothing comes up, find a hill and go up and down that for 30 minutes, same benefits!

4.       Dancing – You can turn any music on and just have a dance party, this is especially fun when you do it with the kids. They love to move. Diego doesn’t usually stop moving, even if it means going in circles for hours. We also use Just Dance on Xbox Kinect if we don’t want to freestyle and looking for some choreographed moves.

5.       Tennis – Good weekend exercise and it burns 400 calories an hour. My husband like to tease me when I ask him to play tennis by saying “We are not really playing tennis, when we spend more time chasing the ball”. But running after the ball still counts as exercise! This is a fill body workout, using your core, legs, arms and heart.

6. Title Boxing – This is one of the best total body workouts. You would need to check the schedule but they have a variety of class times and either boxing and kickboxing to choose from. The first 15 minutes is a warm up that is pretty intense for a warm up, then a half hour on the bag and the last 15 minutes is a cool down and floor/ab work. Popular modern music is played during the workout. You really feel this in the arms and shoulders and when you are having a really stressful day, you can always picture the target of your stress on the bag. Works like a charm. Just google Title boxing to find a location near you.

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