Sprint Center Family Fun Days

Every year Sprint hosts a series of family events on the second Saturday of every month starting May  through October at the Power and Light District. It is free admittance and only costs $5.00 per child for a bracelet that allows your child to play on all the activities. Every month has a different theme. This month was Summer Splash and it was the most fun one yet








They had a few bouncy houses which is always a hit with Diego, since he loves to jump constantly. The one on the left I mistook for an ice cream truck, got my craving jump started for some yummy ice cream, only my favorite dessert.


So imagine my delight when I saw an actual ice cream truck. Hand dipped ice cream is the best. Strawberry and Butter Pecan? Don’t mind if I do!








The had a couple different sports activities. Basketball was a good choice for my athletic cousin and miniature golf for the smaller kids. Diego don’t quite get the concept of miniature golf, he keeps trying to put the ball in the hole manually.








This looked like so much fun, my cousin and I wanted to play but for kids only so boo. But at least my other cousin Damon got to play, he is the one in the first photo. This is called Water Wars. You put a water balloon in a sling shot type of contraction and sling it across to the other one and try to get it in the opening, getting people wet at the same time. So fun. My cousin and I are totally going to rent these at the next barbeque.








This was some fun water play on a hot day. You run through it with water coming from every angle. Also great to wash chocolate cookie off of Diego’s hands because forgetful Mommy didn’t have any wipes. Hey, no judgments, just using the resources at hand. The chocolate Chip Cookie came from Insomnia Cookies, they were giving them away for free at their tent. Score!








 Beautiful fountain in the center of all the activity. Also great for washing chocolate off of Diego’s face for same reason as up above. Getting good at thinking outside the box. I am just glad Diego didn’t jump in, he loves water!








Fresh lemonade and iced tea very refreshing on a hot summer day. They had a tent that offered food at very reasonable prices. Usually they are so high at these kind of events and they had healthy choices.








 No day would be complete without a ride on a train. Favorite thing in the world for Diego is Choo Choo. He is more interested in riding a train at the zoo or amusement parks than anything else. Mateo was enjoying himself as well.








On our way out, Diego played through the mister. The video is on my Instagram at TammyTaylorMadril. He also got to pet a snake for the first time.

All in all, we had a blast and the kids were super tired and crashed early. Which means rest for mommy. Also, very inexpensive fun which is what we all are looking for! So if you live close or visiting Kansas City during these times, stop by the family fun event, it is a must!