Ways to Earn Extra Cash

  1. Donate plasma – There are Bio Life plasma centers all over the United States that pay $70 a week for two donations. Some provide a playroom for the kids. You get 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to read or relax, cash and you help save a life. You can register and schedule appointments at https://biolifeplasma.com/us/#/
  2. Recycle Aluminum – You can good google your local recycling center. They pay by the pound. Earn a little cash and help save the environment.
  3. Sell items on Craigslist/EBay, Facebook Market Place. I have had good luck selling on Craigslist. It has gotten such a bad rep lately with certain crimes, but if possible meet in a public place with your item, specifically a Quick Trip safe place.
  4. Consignment Sales – I am sure with kids you have a bunch of items to purge from your house. Just between Friends (JBF) is one of the best groups to consign with. You can make decent money and clean out those closets and rooms that has been overtaken with kid clutter. JBF has a great website where you can print all your tags and all the instructions to get started. They have them in several areas so just google your zip code and it will tell of the closest one to you.
  5. Ibotta – Great rebate program you can install as an app. You click on the items you would buy anyway or ones you want to try, purchase the items, then scan the receipt and they deposit the money into your account. May redeem once it reaches $20.00.
  6. Task Rabbit – A service that provides people with a handy person to do just about anything such as assemble furniture, home repairs, grocery shop, etc… Sign up to be a tasker at http://www.taskrabbit.com.
  7. Fancy Hands – Be a virtual assistant for businesses and consumers around the world. Make appointments, do research, and make phone calls and other miscellaneous jobs. Make your own hours. Apply at https://www.fancyhands.com/jobs